Professional Voice Mail

A professionally voiced and consistent voice over for your phone system can help with your company’s image and branding. Inbound calls are a key point of contact for your company, so don’t leave it to chance. On Air can provide:

  • Scripting based on information you provide
  • Brand consistency for your entire company
  • Provide you with Voice Talent samples to choose from
  • Professionally voice and produce your IVR voice overs
  • Audio files optimized and formatted to easily upload into your telephone system’s software program (ShoreTel, Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Aestrix, Broadsoft, PBX)
  • Upload the voice over interactive production (VOIP) directly into your phone tree (if applicable to telephone system)

Check out a few samples:

Did you know?

When left in silence on hold, about 60% of callers will hang up.