Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant (or automated attendant) allows callers to be transferred to an extension based on the caller’s response to the menu provided; all without the need of a receptionist or operator.  This can be a very easy and cost effective solution for your business and who doesn’t like to save time and money?  On Air can provide:

  • Scripting for your Auto Attendant based on information you provide
  • Brand consistency for your entire company
  • Voice Talent samples to choose from
  • Professionally voiced and produced Auto Attendant voice overs
  • Audio files optimized and formatted for your telephone system
  • Upload the Auto Attendant files directly into your phone tree (if applicable to telephone system)

Did you know?

While VoIP has a lot to offer for home use, its strengths are particularly tailored towards businesses. Customizable auto-attendants, call forwarding, and international calls, as well as call management systems, are all included in most VoIP business plans.