Audio Format Conversion

As audio technology moves forward, On Air moves right along with it. We keep up with the changing formats so you won’t have to. As well as any analog audio format conversions, (LP to CD, reel to reel to CD etc.) On Air will convert your files to and from any of the formats listed below…and if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us.

  • Dawn AIFF VOC 16 bit
  • Sonic Solutions AIFF NeXt / Sun linear (.snd)
  • AIFC (uncompressed) NeXt / Sun u-law (.au)
  • AIFC IMA 4:1 NeXt / Sun a-law (.au)
  • Integer/Float – Quicktime Movie System 7 Sound
  • IMA 4:1 – Quicktime Movie Dialogix Vox ADPCM
  • Qdesign Music Basic Dialogix Vox PCM
  • Qualcomm PureVoice Dialogix Vox u-law
  • u-law .mov Dialogix Vox a-law
  • a-law .mov Pika (adpcm)
  • MACE 3:1 .mov .vap (single segment Dialogic ADPCM)
  • MACE 6:1 .mov CCIT G.721 40 Kbps (4bits ADPCM)
  • RealAudio 2.0, 3.0 & 5.0 CCIT G.723 16 Kbps (2bits ADPCM)
  • Real G2 8.5 (SureStream) CCIT G.723 24 Kbps (3bits ADPCM)
  • MPEG 1 Layer I CCIT G.723 40 Kbps (5bits ADPCM)
  • MPEG 1 Layer II CCIT G.726 24 Kbps (3bits ADPCM)
  • MPEG Audio Layer-III CCIT G.726 32 Kbps (4bits ADPCM)
  • MP3 CCIT G.726 40 Kbps (5bits ADPCM)
  • MP4 .mp4 Amiga IFF / 8SVX
  • SoundDesigner I AVR
  • SoundDesigner II Paris Linear (Ensoniq)
  • Wave (.wav) Dyaxis MacMix (Studer)
  • Wave 32 bit Float AIFF (Mac) .aif, .aiff
  • Wave u-law PCM AU (Sun/Next) .au
  • Wave a-law CD audio (CDDA)
  • Microsoft ADPCM Windows Media Audio .wma
  • Broadcast Wave – MPEG II Proprietary (Microsoft) QuickTime
  • Broadcast Wave – PCM Proprietary (Apple Computer)

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