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How Auto Part Stores Can Improve Sales with Message on Hold

Published on February 22, 2017 by Bruce

Customer calls for a part.  They’re put on hold while you search for it.

When a customer calls your auto part store they are likely trying to track down a specific part for their automotive project.  Whether the caller is a DIY mechanic, car dealership or automotive repair shop, they will already know the size, part number, make and model of the part they need.  They’re calling to see if you have that part in stock so they can order it or come down to your store to purchase it.

Did you know that 70% of the incoming calls to your auto parts store will be put on hold while your customer service representative looks for parts?  Research shows that 90% of new callers will hang up after 40 seconds if there is no on hold message.  How long will it take you or your staff to track down that part for them while they are holding?  More than 40 seconds?  You’ve just lost a customer.


On Hold Messages Keep Callers on the Line

The last thing a caller wants is to be put on hold, but they know you have to look for the part they’ve requested so they should be a little understanding.  That said, they are more likely to stay on hold longer if they are greeted with an engaging on hold message, rather than sitting in silence.  Sitting in silence is very agitating.

On average, callers who hear information and music stay on hold 3 minutes longer than callers who only hear silence.  You can find their part in 3 minutes.  A professional message on hold can help you keep customers on the line so you can provide them with what they need.  That will increase your sales.


Creating Engaging On Hold Message Content

Your on hold message is your opportunity to share interesting, engaging, relevant and business-focused content to your customers.  A professionally written, voiced and produced on hold message will be clear and concise, entertaining and enticing your callers so they stay on the line longer.  Information included in your on hold message could include:

  • Information on your parts and products.With such a massive inventory, you’ll never run out of information to share with your callers!

  • Promotions, sales and special offers.Tell your callers what is on sale and they might pick up a few things while purchasing the part they actually called for.

  • Business information including store hours, business address and web address.

  • Special events or community organizations you support.This shows your customers that you are an active member of their community.

Talk to your manufacturers and suppliers about promoting their specific products on your message on hold.  In many cases, these suppliers will share the cost of your on hold message or even pay for it entirely!


Professional Messages on Hold from On Air

On Air offers professionally written, voiced and produced on hold messages.  Our audio is top quality and our monthly service checks will ensure your messaging system is working properly.  Perhaps most importantly, an on hold message from On Air will educate your callers on your business, improve the customer experience and show them that you stand behind the parts and brand names you sell.  A professional on hold message will improve customer retention and get more callers to actually make a purchase from your store.

Getting started is easy!  Check out our MOH Bundles, our Pay As You Go option or CLICK HERE to contact us.

Or if you’re looking for an on hold message for your Napa, Auto Value, Canadian Tire, Parts Source, Carquest, O’Reilly, Benson, or Uni-Select store, contact us here for franchise pricing.

Listen to a sample Message on Hold for an Auto Parts Retailer here:

Did you know?

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