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Getting Your Political Voice Over Heard

Published on May 19, 2016 by Bruce

In today’s world, politicians have the ability to share their message over a more expansive array of mediums. Beyond door knocking and public addresses, politicians can share their platforms through political radio ads, television commercials, emailed campaign ads and they can gain more exposure than ever before by utilizing lower cost avenues such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter advertising. The key component for making these messages more compelling is the quality of the content and the voice over in the advertising.

Whether voiced by the politician themselves or by someone else, the voice over in a political campaign advertising must be done professionally. Not only do they bring the key components of a politician’s message to potential voters, it also leaves an impression, good or bad, to those who hear it. More politicians and their staff are utilizing professionally produced campaign ads to help boost their initiatives, including the Republican and Democrat nominees in the United States’ 2016 presidential election.

“Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were both active radio spot buyers in New Hampshire, tallying more than 2,700 and 2,350 apiece. Republican Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz lead with 836 and 712 ads…with total political radio spend expected to break $800 million, one of the largest, if not the largest radio platforms in the country.” - Excerpt from Media Post article ‘Political Radio Ads Could Prove Crucial to Vote’.

Just like in any advertising that involves a recorded script and for any type of campaign, professionalism in both the voice over and production plays a key role in the ad’s success. With an increasing public interest in politics and with so many new mediums for a politician to be heard, professional voice talent have been instrumental in helping win many elections and political initiatives. In addition to both hard and soft “political reads”, they have an uncanny ear for dialects, making them a perfect choice for regional political work in both Canada and the United States. With versatility and experience, the professional political voice talent will gain the confidence of the listener, keeping them engaged throughout the entire message. This will make listeners, or potential voters more comfortable and receptive to the message and give credibility to the politician or political party.

A political radio ad or YouTube video that is voiced and produced by skilled professionals will simply sound better. Not only do they have the training and experience, they also have the right tools that really make the difference between a professional sounding campaign ad and an amateur one. No one wants to vote for an amateur.

Both American and Canadian political parties can take advantage of the vast opportunities that now exist to spread their message, improve public awareness and gain new voters. Radio, television, personalized audio messages, social media and online video marketing are all accessible and effective political campaign advertising tools.


Here are some examples of political voice overs On Air has produced:


If you want to produce a political voice over, contact On Air about our commercial recording services, voice casting and talent as well as audio scripting and copy writing. On Air will give your audio production a professional sound that builds credibility, holds a listener’s attention, gains their confidence and leaves a positive and lasting impression.

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