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Cost effective marketing with on hold messaging

Published on February 22, 2016 by Bruce

Getting people to come in or call into your business seems challenging enough, but once they do are you doing all you can to convert those inquiries into sales? 

Your telephone system is probably one of the most-used systems in your business.  This simple system is responsible for managing all of your internal and external communications.  It can also be used as a powerful marketing tool and help generate sales from new customers and additional sales from your existing clientele.

When a customer calls your business you have the opportunity to share all the wonderful things your products and services can offer them, hopefully converting that caller into a paying customer.  If they call in and are put on hold, that opportunity starts to deplete.  The messaging they hear with the first phone call can make or break their customer experience and in essence, make or break the sale.

Integrating on hold messaging into your phone system should be a part of your overall marketing plan.  If people are interested enough in your business to call in then the hardest part is already done.  Keeping them engaged is where a lot of businesses fall short.  Take advantage of this opportunity and make a professional impression that keeps callers on the line.  This will increase their interest in your business and possibly their spending with your company.

Research shows that callers spend far more time on hold when greeted with a professional on hold message and music.  How long would you wait in complete silence?  Not long.  Engaging messages on hold will hold attention longer and give you the opportunity to share information about your business with customers.  You can share information like business hours and location as well as promotions, special events and news about your company.  You can also entertain callers with fun facts, trivia and community information.

When creating your on hold message, it’s important to remember that nobody wants to be put on hold.  It’s annoying.  Putting in the extra effort will keep these warm leads engaged with compelling messages and a variety of music so they will continue to look further into what your business can offer them.  When you return to the line, give them an extra dose of customer service to make it worth their wait.

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