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We’re all familiar with the voice behind “This is CNN” as actor and professional voice over talent James Earl Jones. A certain voice is often associated with a certain brand, and in this case, they have used the power of voice over and the right casting to brand themselves to their audience. Choose from On Air’s vast voice talent bank, with local, commercial, regional and international multilanguage voice talents to choose from, giving you the same branding power for your projects. And because the studio engineers at On Air work with our voice talent on a regular basis, we know which voice will work for your audio project.

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With a background as a professional singer, and a natural ear for intonation, Keeva can do a wide range of voice styles, from young and conversational, professional and confident, to luxurious and sensuous, and more.


When you need a youthful and vibrant voice to embody your brand, Dianne will deliver. She has been voicing commercials, corporate videos, and on-hold messages since 2007. Audiences from pre-teens to professionals will recognize a voice that's engaging, bright, and cheerful.


Fran has been captivating audiences with her voice all her life, with the animated fluidity of Annette Bening, and the natural warmth of Kim Cattrall. Fran brings a conversational, friendly, mom quality that connects with listeners on a natural level.


Surrounded by media her whole life, it only makes sense that Beth ended up behind the microphone. Her credentials span a broad media platform; from IVR, e-Learning, Training, Radio and TV commercials, narration and just about anything else you need a voice for.


Jordan has 7 years of voicing radio commercials behind her, but also has experience in on hold messaging, corporate videos and television. Her voice is described as sultry, though her range is broad; light and fun, dark and mysterious and everything in between.


Whether you're shopping for groceries, booking a hotel, or making an appointment for a haircut, chances are you will hear Haley helping you through the process or guiding you to the best deals. She has over 15 years of experience in voice overs.


Liz has been voicing radio ads for nearly a decade. She can bring a confident, natural and fun read to all of your ads. She would be very excited to work with you on your next project.


Lori is a professional Voiceover Actor with over 10 years experience voicing commercials, corporate narrations, e-learning projects, on-hold messaging, and more. Her style has been described as authentic, warm, friendly and smooth. Lori’s versatility makes her a great choice for your next project.


Chances are you’ve heard Bobby’s voice somewhere. Her voice has been heard around the world in commercials, narrations, audio books, e-Learning projects, documentaries, and TV promos. Here voice is described as warm, friendly, professional, a wise and assured mom. She’s a good cook, too!


Sharon has been a radio broadcaster for over 20 years. On top of that, she has put her voice and personality behind hundreds of businesses on radio and television commercials and on hold messages with a positive and warm energy.


From sweet to sultry, serious to funny, Jessica will deliver exactly what your project demands. Jessica is professional, reliable and easy to work with. Jessica’s memorable voice, and wide range makes hers the stand out voice for your project.


Chanine has voiced commercials for radio and television stations across Canada for over 10 years, along with many on-hold and e-learning projects. She used to be teased for being a chatterbox, but has had the last laugh now that she’s made a career out


Fresh with a hint of intrigue. Meagan’s joie de vivre is evident in her buoyant tone when she voices in French, English or Spanish! She can also bring a more sophisticated and crisp cadence to your professional recordings.


Liana has a young, relatable sound that will bring your English or French project to life! She's voiced commercials, cartoons and promos to corporate projects, e-learning and IVR. If you're looking a millennial sound or an authentic conversational read, Liana will deliver.


Clients value Nicola’s perfectly bilingual talent, with no accent in either French or English. She also records in Spanish with a neutral accent. She has recorded hundreds of bilingual projects including: e-learning tutorials, corporate training, narrations and videos, on-hold messaging and IVR phone prompts.


Erika has studied both singing and broadcast in her home country of Mexico. Erika's voice has been described as confident, clear and warm. She can deliver many different vocal ranges from corporate to fun and energetic.


Andrea is a native French speaking Canadian from Montreal. Although she's new to the voice over profession, she loves the ability to put her years of performance training to work. She is often referred to as a neutral sounding Bilingual Canadian voice.


Federica received her degree in broadcasting in Argentina. In addition to hosting various television shows Federica worked for 8 years as co-host for the most prestigious radio news program in Argentina, receiving numerous awards as the top news program in the country.


Nathalie has been dedicated to voice over acting for 10 years now, performing in commercials, character dubbing, corporate narrations, e-learning projects and on-hold messaging. Optimistic, warm and shining, Nathalie is “the girl next door”.


Christie had the desire to be a Voice Over Artist for many years. Her voice is smooth, clear and textured. Christie's number one value is customer service and she consistently works to bring her best to every project and make the client's job easier.

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A versatile talent know for his friendly, conversational sound, Lee looks forward to serving you. He has given voice to Commercials, Video Narration, E-Learning Courses, Phone Greetings, and more.


People describe John's sound as young, conversational, and friendly, with just the right touch of gravitas. In other words, he sounds real.


Don has a rich baritone voice with lots of warmth and authority Don's been voicing for over 30 years and has been heard all over North America. If you want it to stand out, Don's your man. Movie Trailers, Documentaries, Audiobooks, E-learning, Radio, Television.


As a youngster Kris would listen to the radio for hours, wondering what it would be like to be the one behind the microphone. He got that chance in 1996 with his first job in radio at Mix96 in Montreal and hasn't looked back.


Adam's voice has been described as youthful, natural and trustworthy. His voice work includes TV spots, Narrations for websites and training videos and countless radio spots. He's also a musician with a great ear and you'll seldom find him away from the studio.


Pete has been involved in audio and voiceovers for more than 40 years, and is currently an on air host for Spokane Public Radio. Pete enjoys gardening and pottery, and is a fan of roots reggae and classical music.

R. Michael

R. Michael voices all sorts of sports projects with exciting sprints to the finish! Sports clients include the NHL's Buffalo Sabres (10 seasons handling MSG-TV imaging) and previously the NFL’s Buffalo Bills for 4 seasons and the WHL on Shaw TV for 10 seasons.

Marty M

Marty's voice has been featured on hundreds of projects, including McDonalds McGriddles, Compaq, Mobil 1 Oil, 1-800-Flowers, TGI Fridays and Microsoft. His voice has been described as friendly, clear, clean, young, relatable and positive.


Rick has been a voice talent with On Air for over 10 years. He has hosted on air shows in both Vancouver and Calgary. In addition to being an on air personality he's voiced many projects from on hold messaging to training videos and

Marty L

Marty has over 27 years experience in radio and television. Besides his extensive voice experience, Marty plays drums in a band called "Martin" (Don't ask).


Gordon has had an interesting career path that has included over ten years in broadcasting as an on-air personality lending his voice to dozens of commercial projects. His voice is a blend of measured reassurance with a natural, honest delivery.


Jean is one of the most sought after French Canadian voices for e-learning. He’s also records product presentation videos, commercials and scripts for phone systems in English and in French.


Adrien is a native French Canadian voice talent, announcer, TV and film actor with over 1000 radio and TV commercials under his belt. His voice is well rounded, warm and incredibly versatile. Le véritable gentleman!


Kyle is a consistent, professional and reliable voice talent with experience in commercial, corporate video and on hold voiceover. Kyle's work is considered clear, energetic and engaging with a unique combination of the guy-next-door and the skillful portrayal of technical expertise on any topic.

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