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How do I know my phone system is compatible?

If your caller hears beeps, bells or some other tone while on hold, this indicates that you have the MOH compatible feature but it has not been programmed. A local telephone service provider can come in and program your system’s M.O.H. port and at the same time install a message on hold system. If callers hear only silence when on hold and you’re not sure if you have an MOH capable phone system, you will need to go and look where you have your phone system’s main central unit housed. You should be able to see a box or “punch down blocks” with visible wires. Names that you can look for on the box include Norstar, Nortel, Meridian, Mitel, NEC, Panasonic and Toshiba.

If you can’t identify any kind of phone system on your premises you may have Plain Old Telephone Service (“POTS”), also referred to as analog. Some phone systems to look for are GE, Radioshack, Sony and Phonemate . These phones were likely purchased at office supply or electronics stores and have no more than 4 lines. Although your handsets may have a hold button if you do not have a central system or “punch down blocks” located in your phone room, unfortunately you do not have a compatible phone system for MOH.

Still not sure if your system is compatible with message on hold? Give us a call (Toll Free 1-888 88ONAIR) or contact us and let us know which system you currently own, and we can guide you from there!

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