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Moon Einarson

I think one of the main the reasons I’ve been at On Air for so long is because there’s not one day I wake up and think I don’t want to go into work today. Every day is a new adventure and I really just love what I do.

If upon entering On Air, you get a warm welcoming feeling it’s no accident. It’s more than likely the direct result of Moon Einarson - one of the three owners of On Air. Moon heads up Client Services and draws upon her extensive experience in Retail & Hospitality Management to provide valuable customer service. She’s quick to find a solution to any problem. Loves working with people. And to her credit, is part of the reason On Air has such a strong reputation for returning clients. It’s Moon’s mix of people skills and management experience that makes her the perfect partner with Bruce. And it’s also why this Moon has been shining bright at On Air for over 12 years.

Bruce Crews

I love all things sound. Whether it’s music, movie soundscapes, the sound of boats in the harbour or even on hold messages. If you love what you do it doesn’t matter if you make $10/hour or $100. You still love it.

If you peer into Bruce’s past you’ll find one rich in experience. Perhaps it’s his inquisitive side that has found him dipping his toes into the world of sound since a young age. Whether it was recording music or mixing live bands, Bruce has always held a passion for all things audio. It’s a love that found him setting up stages at festivals, installing commercial sound systems, and ultimately what lead him to become an owner of On Air. Today, Bruce is a producer, project manager and tech supporter for On Air clients. As with his fellow partner Moon, this Crews member wears many hats. But in his words when you love what you do, you wear those hats with pride.